Our company was founded in 1976 as "Garden Machinery Renting" and was active in renting and repairing of garden machines. The firm expanded rapidly and we relocated to a new and larger premises on a nearby industrial estate. Selling and repairing garden machinery became our main activity and the importance of renting gradually faded and was discontinued after some time. Then the "parallel market" for non-original parts began to grow and although we were not the only suppliers of alternative parts, we soon made our mark in this area.

We began with a modest catalogue, containing 200 inexpensive and popular parts, which we sent to every garden machinery specialist store in Belgium -as well in the Dutch as in the French speaking area. Our customers where also been visited by a mobile warehouse with all the parts on board,which were immediately available for the customer. We invested quickly in an extensive automation of our warehouse and inventory using computers and barcode systems; which enabled us to monitor stocks accurately and efficiently. These systems guarantees speedy and error-free deliveries!

In 1989, the sales and repair department of garden machinery closed down and was sold to our recent technicien,so that our company could give a fully concentration on the ever-growing demand of the parts market. Today, our warehouse capacity has expanded to 1300 m2 and offers 6000 different articles. Obviously, we were no longer able to visit our customers with a mobile warehouse due to the enormous range of products. In 1997, another major step was made by expanding our horizons and prospecting markets in Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. Thanks to our continued exploration of new markets we are currently in a spiral situation: we can supply machinery parts at lower prices as a result of increasing sales...